Find out more at: www.theandrewmeyer.comNote: I, the writer of this blog, do not personally know Andrew Meyer nor do I represent him in any way. I just appreciate that he had the moral fortitude and courage to ask questions that the Overwhelmingly Fascist American Media was too morally bankrupt or cowardly to properly address.

Obviously, failed one-time presidential candidate John Kerry must have recognized the validity of the questions, for he was answering them (if displaying the same lack of conviction and moral fortitude that caused him to concede election to George W. Bush so easily) while Andrew Meyer was dragged away by meat-headed University of Florida security brownshirts who tasered him with 50,000 volts of electricity. Many morally bankrupt fools have endorsed this blatant abuse and violation of someone’s rights, as citizens in fascist countries have historically done. Are you one of the good and intelligent citizens who recognizes a violation of human rights when you see it?


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  1. Nancy Bracewell Says:

    I have not the resources to contribute to this fund but I am certainly appreciative of Andrew Meyer’s efforts! I keep his name on Google alerts and write letters to those who misplace their responsibility to support free speech.
    It makes an American heavy-hearted that there has not been a general uprising over the erosion and withdrawal of our God-given rights.
    College claims to be the place for students to break free of following blindly and to recognize propaganda for what it is. Andrew Meyer has done this. His reward is not – so far – in line with his actions.
    We need to do all we can in support of Andrew!

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